Advantages of making baby food by your own

I always consider making food for my baby myself. When, it comes to my family and my kids, I have to be protective. Food is an essential component, which has a direct impact on the growth of the child. Hence, it becomes extremely important for an individual, to consider cooking at home. I refer to these advantages, when I think of making baby food at home

Quality assurance

The packaged foods or items, you may consider from super markets, may have some quality assurance. But, I personally do not trust them. I am not secured with their methods of producing such products. Hence, I prefer different websites, to extract some really good baby food recipes. Since, I know what ingredients I am using, the process, and other details. I am more assured about the quality.
Also, I can modify the process by considering boiling and steaming, instead of frying and similar things, according to a few instructions, facilitated by the supporting materials. This makes me assured of quality, which is extremely essential.

Daily chores

Processed food can be used for may be once or twice a week. But, it is not possible to use them on a daily basis. Hence, it becomes extremely important for me to consider the recipes, in order to manage daily chores of baby food. These standard recipes help in managing my baby food much better, than other available options.

Cost factor

The cost of availing these packaged foods is not low. They come with a big price tag, which might not be affordable for middle class individuals like me. Cooking at home helps me in minimizing the cost, in terms of availing these packaged foods. Also, the packaged foods are not fresh. They have been prepared and stored for days & months and are certainly not advisable for my baby’s health.

Baby food and beyond

I have been around a lot of babies recently. In fact I have 3 nephews who are born and raised in front of me. It’s fun to watch them through their tender age and see the transitioning happening at every phase.

The Baby phases

When my eldest nephew was born I remember there were phases for everything. Like teething crawling, sitting, and walking. One concern that always bothered my sister was giving the right baby food. Like, they can’t eat solid food at least up to eighteen months. So we had to be very careful what had to feed him with. That way there are many baby food recipes available. It is always better to follow doctor’s recommendations. So anyway I observed that my sister was very cautious in knowing what food she was giving the baby and how she prepared. In the beginning he did not enjoy even though he just had to gulp it since it’s more like paste. I tried to feed him and he would spit it back on me. What days!

Types of baby food

I had to research about proper baby food recipes that were available like what you can make home and what is recommended from markets. Everything has to be liquefied or powdered because that’s how babies eat. You start with cereals that are rice based, babies actually love eating these. Then there are fruits which need to be pureed or smashed as it is easy for them to eat. From my experience always try out in smaller quantities because it also depends on what babies like to eat. Homemade baby recipes are always a better option and healthy too. Slowly you introduce other items that are recommended at first, they may not fancy eating it because of new taste may be. But once they do, they get used to it.

Importance of considering baby food recipes

Managing babies can be an extremely difficult task. The most important thing, which worries me a lot, is with respect to their food. It is extremely difficult to realize food items for babies. My elders were the source initially, which could facilitate some important food recipes for my baby.

Other sources to rescue

But, still I could not quite understand cooking such recipes, as I dint have any practical experience of cooking such dishes before. Slowly, I started referring internet sites and different TV channels. These sources were extremely beneficial for me. They provided some very easy techniques, which allowed me to cook healthy food for my baby in minutes.
Most of the procedures explained by my parents were time consuming. Spending excess time in kitchen meant leaving the baby alone for a longer period of time, which is certainly not acceptable. Thus, these quick recipes listed on different web portals made my life easier.

Some tips

• It is extremely important to maintain strict cleanliness, in whatever we cook. The water we use should be boiled no matter, how pure it may be. All items should be natural and processed or packaged food items, should be avoided. This is essential as babies are prone to be exposed to infections extremely early, as their immune system is still not developed like ours.
• It is also important to consider liquid items or semi solid items, instead of purely solid items. I usually crush the solid items like fruits and provide to my baby. Solid foods may block the food pipe of the baby and result into consistent vomiting and discomfort.
• I have learnt a very important element from these baby food recipes. Salt should be used to the minimum. The baby taste buds, when exposed to too much salt, may be prone to the possibility of vomiting and various tongue irritations.

Beginners guide to prepare baby food

Parenting is the best stage of life and also equally difficult to manage. It is that point where infant takes priority over all the other important tasks. As a parent, I personally take care of the child’s food habits, since it plays a vital role in both physical and mental development of the child. It is also crucial to prepare different baby food recipes that will give them the right amount of nourishment for development. The transition stage from milk to solid food needs has to be taken care of, by preparing homemade and natural food that is healthy for the child.
Homemade baby food recipes can be the best for our child, since we can very well maintain cleanliness and hygiene to a large extent. These homemade recipes just require simple ingredients that are always available in the kitchen.

Various recipes that could be done at home

I tried a recipe with sweet potato, mainly because it is rich in vitamins and potassium. It is very simple to make and can be done in very less time. All I had to do was to bake them in a microwave or steam it for a few minutes. Once it is done, it can be mashed and used as a substituent for milk during noon time.

Mix vegetables

A mix of vegetables like corn, peas and carrot can be steamed. I made sure to wash and peel all the vegetables, before starting the steaming process. Adequate amount of water has to be added for steaming so that all the nutrients in the vegetables are preserved. Once steaming is complete, we could grind or mash the vegetable mixture and add a pinch of salt for taste. This gives a good supplement of protein, vitamins and minerals to the child. It is more beneficial, if the vegetables, we choose, are organic. Such vegetables have a higher level of antioxidants, which is very good for health. This serves as one the best baby food recipes.

Honey rice

Another good recipe is honey rice. The ingredients include rice, milk and honey. I washed one cup of rice and placed in a pot. Then I added four cups of milk and let it boil for a few minutes. Once, the pot starts to boil, I lowered the flame and cooked it for about 40 minutes on simmer. It is required to stir the contents from time to time, while cooking, so that, the rice does not stick to the pot.
Then, I added one tablespoon of honey and continued stirring to mix it well and cooked for another 10 minutes. This food is rich in carbohydrates, calcium and protein. It is a tasty baby food and I find it very healthy, though it takes a bit of time to prepare.

Benefits of making homemade baby food recipes

I always prefer to make my own baby food, due to the fact that, I can control the amount of ingredients that can be used and it is more hygienic. Though, there is a wide variety of baby food available in the market, we can hardly make out the importance of the ingredients used in them. Moreover, such food items are much more expensive than, the homemade food items. It is also likely that, these ready foods are stored in containers and preserved for months together, which might not be very good for the child.
I would always prefer to prepare the fresh food for the baby every time, before serving. This ensures that, the nutrients are intact and we give a wholesome food to the child every time, we feed. This is essential for the baby’s growth and development at a very tender age.